Great Savings on High-Speed Internet with Switch & Save

Get an additional $20 off a month for 3 years if you qualify.

Switch & Save program qualifications:

  1. You are a New Xtream Internet customer with Internet 300 speed or above, switching from a competing Internet provider.
    • A "competing" provider is defined as a provider that has service available at the address where Mediacom service is to be installed. "Hot Spot" service from a cellular provider does not qualify as a competing provider.
  2. Your account with competing Internet provider must be current; meaning that the bill cannot be overdue.
  3. Service with competing provider must be active within 30 days of the date you ordered Xtream Internet service.
  4. The name and address on your account with competing provider should match the name and service address of your new Mediacom Account.
  5. The competing provider service bill must be received by Mediacom within 45 days of installation.
  6. The competing provider service bill must clearly show your name, address and account status.

Competitor Bill Requirements

The following information should appear clearly on your competing provider's bill:

  • Company Name of competing provider
  • Name and Address of account holder
  • Services provided by competing provider
  • Service Dates of bill - Showing active service within 30 days of Xtream order date.
  • Competitor bill must be current (no delinquent or previous balance due)

How to send us your application

Once your internet service is installed and you have created a Mediacom ID, you can log into your account and submit your documents online. Once you log in click on "Special Offers" and you'll be taken to a page with an online form with instructions on how to submit your documents

Log in to Support

Note: For subscribers of Mediacom Bolt, Switch & Save application information can be submitted by calling 844-844-2658