1 Gig Internet

The most speed. The most power. The most reliability.

Brilliantly Fast 1 GIG Speed

1 GIG Internet delivers download speeds up to 1,000 Mbps and upload speeds up to 50 Mbps. You’ll have the power to download a movie in a minute, music & photos in seconds, and experience seamless online gaming.

Powerful home WiFi

Feel your devices come alive with 1 GIG WiFi. Powerful home WiFi means more people in your household can do more, on more wireless devices simultaneously.

Network reliability

The reliability of your online connections are more important than ever. We built a network you can depend on that sees threats, fixes problems before they occur and delivers 99.99% network reliability+.

Download speeds may vary, see Open Internet Statement for information on factors that could cause speeds to vary.

+99.99% Network Reliability: 2023 Mediacom Executive Summary Reliability Report.

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The fastest speeds available for home use.

We know the future will demand more speed, so we've built a fiber-rich, 100% gigabit technology network designed to give you the most. With Xtream's 1 GIG Internet service, data transfers in the blink of an eye.

25mg to 1gig download comparison with colored boxes to represent data