“The Mediacom Internship Program truly exceeded my expectations in nearly every way. During my short time at Mediacom I felt that I was given a real role in the company and was given opportunities to capitalize on my leadership skills. My supervisor served as an excellent guide and mentor throughout the internship by taking time to get to know me and teaching me through his example as a Senior Director. If anything, this internship has made me raise my expectations for my career.”

– Tyler C., 2016

About Our Program

Established in 2006 and headquartered at our corporate office in Orange County, New York, our annual Career Achievement Program is a program all employees of Mediacom look forward to. For 10 weeks, during the summer, Mediacom welcomes a group of college students to join us and gain the kind of experience that will further help them with their future careers. This hands-on internship program brings interns into the real corporate work life. They will work side-by-side with professionals whose backgrounds reflect the interns’ area of interest such as Accounting, Corporate Finance, Customer Operations, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Software Engineering or Network Engineering. Interns are assigned real company projects and contribute to the success of the department. This excellent program was designed to mentor and cultivate ambitious, goal oriented students and to strengthen their understanding of the business environment while developing specific skill sets that will enhance their value to employers.

The Power to Succeed

Here at Mediacom, one of the greatest investments we make is in our employees. We provide the means necessary for everyone to succeed and interns are treated no differently. We strive for excellence in every aspect of our company and expect that excellence to resonate with our interns. Each intern is assigned to a department where they are incorporated with a team working on current corporate projects. Each intern reports to a supervisor of a management title or a functional subject matter expert, who mentors and guides them during their 10 weeks. This not only gives our interns an exceptional learning experience and a chance to utilize their own knowledge and skills from college, but it also gives us an opportunity to learn from them in return.

“This internship has truly gone beyond my expectations. I have learned so much and taken part in many projects. My supervisors really focused on giving me tasks that would help me learn and grow…I have so many new skills and knowledge that I did not have before interning at Mediacom and I look forward to using all that I learned here in the future.”

– Ariana P., 2016

The Power to Achieve

Experience comes through the opportunity to learn. Not only do our interns learn from their Corporate mentors, but they also receive excellent training from Mediacom University, our highly-recognized Training and Development program. In these trainings, interns are taught the value of workplace behavior, business etiquette and presentation skills. From how to dress, to how to communicate with coworkers, they are presented with what is and is not appropriate in a corporate work environment. These trainings are vital to gaining a better understanding of the corporate environment and will be great tools that help prepare them to succeed in their future jobs.

The Power to Lead

From week one to week ten, interns are not only working on company projects with their department, but are also working on a collaborative project with the other interns. This project encompasses teamwork, elements of leadership, and gives them an opportunity to show Mediacom what they have learned, accomplished and are taking away from the program. At the end of the 10 weeks, our Founder, Chairman and CEO, Rocco B. Commisso and his executive team meets with the group and at that time their project is presented.

The Power to Achieve

An outstanding benefit of our internship program is that it can lead to career opportunities for students. Building from within is a part of the foundation of success for our company and many of our interns have returned upon graduation and joined our employee ranks.

“The transition from intern to full time was heartening. During my internship, I got to know the ins and outs of the Data Warehousing, and the workings of Mediacom’s business. I cannot thank Mediacom enough for helping me realize and achieve my career goals.”

– Manvinder S., 2013