Oct 17, 2022

WiFi360pro: More Than Just a WiFi Extender

Do you have dead spots and drop-offs in your home’s Wi-Fi network? Do you use multiple devices and have trouble with buffering? Mediacom’s WiFi360pro supports Wi-Fi speeds up to 1 Gig and connections on 75+ devices simultaneously. Each device covers up to 1500 square feet in your home, so you can strategically place them to increase the overall size of your Wi-Fi coverage to even include the backyard, garage, or the kid’s treehouse!

What is Mesh Technology?

Mesh Technology is what makes WiFi360pro different from just any Wi-Fi extender.  A mesh network is designed to coat your entire home with Wi-Fi coverage and is comprised of multiple eero boxes that work simultaneously as one system. These nodes then communicate with each other to optimize your wireless connection.

These nodes are built with special technology that tells them how to talk to the network using the modem. If one node stops working, the system adapts and reroutes the information to a different path. You can think of it like this: each room in your house has multiple devices that need to connect to the internet. Certain devices need more Wi-Fi signal than others. The mesh technology redistributes the signal to whichever device needs more to work properly. If one of the nodes has too many devices connected to it, the system is aware of this congestion and reroutes to other nodes to prevent slowdowns. 

image of connected home with wifi

The device also features eero Secure, which keeps your devices and personal information safe and secure. It also has parental control features that allow you to block certain websites and enact content filters to protect the young eyes in your home.

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