What to Watch Wednesday: Disney+ Edition

Jan 14, 2021

What to Watch Wednesday: Disney+ Edition

Let's talk about Disney+! It’s not quite free reign into the much talked about Disney vault, but it’s pretty much the next best thing. Where else can you watch old favorites like Tale Spin and Garygoyles? Or access to a rotating collection of Disney and Disney-Pixar faves? But that’s just the beginning of the wealth of content that’s on the platform.

Here is our top picks for what to watch on Disney+:

Duck Tales (2017)

They’re back and the theme song is just as catchy! Updated for modern audiences, complete with new villain Mark Beaks, owner of a tech conglomerate who just loves to #BeTrending, and the return of old friends like GizmoDuck and Webby Vanderquack. It’s well-written enough that adults will enjoy the return to Duckburg, and kids will fall in love with the crazy adventures of the Huey, Dewey & Louis and Scrooge as they hunt for even more treasure; life lessons learned on the way are bonus. 

The Mandalorian

This probably seems obvious given how much good press this show has gotten, and the prevalence of “Baby Yoda” everywhere from merchandise to memes. But the truth of it is, it’s the best live-action entry into the Star Wars world in a while. In the tradition of the old western Gunslinger, we meet The Mandalorian, making his way and earning coin with his gun and his wits. The second season wrapped in mid-December 2020, and looks to be a complete story-arc, which makes this a super-satisfying watch!


The much-lauded and highly acclaimed Hamilton has been filmed on Broadway and been presented on Disney+. It’s the remarkable story of the ten-dollar founding father without a father and his part in the founding of the United States.

Bonus you can turn the subtitles on and miss not a single killer rhyme


The first of the new live-action Marvel shows, WandaVision is arriving on Disney + with what looks like a mind-bending story, that is sure to keep you guessing. WandaVision also stars Kathryn Hahn in what appears to be the role of a villain, and the return of Thor’s Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings), which I’m not sure anybody saw coming.



Marvel's Hero Project

Yes, that’s 2 Marvel titles, but there’s no way to talk about the best content on Disney + and not include this amazing docuseries. Inspiration comes from many places, but the inspiration for super heroes comes from the limitless possibility of what humanity can do to change the world. Not everyone can be Captain America or Spider-Man, but the Hero Project highlights the young people who make every attempt to be ordinary super heroes. Bring tissues, but check it out.