Things Your TiVo Can Do, You Probably Don't Know About

Jan 21, 2021

It’s just a DVR, right? Well. It is, but its so much more than just a DVR. The TiVo DVR is called the Smartest DVR for a reason. Not only does it do its job superbly, connecting you to your favorite shows when you want to watch them, if you have a Multi-Room DVR. However, that’s not all it does, not even close!

Check Out Your SmartBar

TiVo will learn your favorites and habits. Do you turn on your favorite shows as you get your miles in on the bike in the morning? TiVo will have them waiting for you in the SmartBar. As long as you repeat the behavior enough it’ll learn that you watch last night’s episode of Bob’s Burgers Monday morning, or AGT on Tuesday morning, etc. How convenient is that?


QuickMode is the perfect solution for sports viewing. Don’t have three hours to watch the entire game you missed? Watch it 30% faster. It’s not quite fast-forward though, since you can hear and understand the dialogue and the action. (And no, they won’t sound like the Chipmunks, unless they are the Chipmunks!) Drop in and out of QuickMode whenever you like to get through the commentary or the downtime between innings and spend more time watching what you want.


We’ve all been there, we catch an episode of a show, and now want to watch the rest. Some of the seasons are on Netflix, but not all of them. Of course, it’s available in new episodes, but there’s also episodes in syndication, and on streaming platforms. Create a OnePass to have TiVo gather all available episodes, once it has searched your recordings, and OnDemand, it will fill in any gaps with episodes available on other apps like HBO Go, Hulu, Netflix, etc.

WishList Searches

WishList is quite possibly the best thing you could dream up, if you’re a huge fan of, say I don’t know, Michael Sheen. You just caught him on Prodigal Son for the first time, and now you need to see what else is out there.  WishList will search what’s available on your DVR, On Demand, and on the connected apps like Netflix and YouTube, and present what’s available. You can also set your TiVo to record whatever is on that meets this criteria going forward, and include or exclude certain criteria! So, feel free to exclude his fantasy appearances, and skip those recordings of Twilight.

What fan wouldn’t love that?!

Why search when you can just ask?

The TiVo Voice Remote means you can search and order your TV around without even touching buttons. Just tell your remote what you want. Press the microphone button, and say, “Watch The Resident.” Off you’ll go!