Shows to Binge While We’re All Stuck at Home

Apr 22, 2020

Shows to Binge While We’re All Stuck at Home

Since we’re stuck indoors mostly, a lot of us are binging more and more content. Here’s a few shows that are just a little off the beaten path … for your consideration and entertainment.

For Adults:

Where to Watch: Vudu (Free with Ads), PlutoTV (Free with Ads, streaming in order)
Episode Count: 77

This one flew under the radar, originally airing on TNT from 2008 – 2012, but it’s still well worth your time. Proving that sometimes bad guys make the best good guys, a team of thieves steal, con and hack for the little guy, the disenfranchised and those scammed by those in power. Driven by clever little plots, and characters that are quirky and ultimately very lovable, the show takes you along on their weekly heist. In an uncertain time, a world where the good guy always wins feels pretty good.

The Great British Baking Show
Where to Watch: Netflix
Episode Count: 94

It’s the most chill competition show ever. The prize for winning is a cake stand and bragging rights. Which doesn’t seem like much, so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise when I say that mostly the real prize is the friends they found along the way. Contestants compete in themed weekly bakes, and increasingly complex show-stopping creations. Ever seen a lion made of bread, or a cookie dragon?

And you thought it was a joke, but in truth, the best part of the show is watching the contestants help each other out, and cheer for other people’s victories. Wonderfully dry British humor and innuendo are a great bonus.

You’re the Worst
Where to Watch: Hulu
Episode Count: 62

Sometimes, apparently, two wrongs can make a right. Watch two horrible people embark on a horrible relationship and laugh the entire way. The show however, brings a lot of heart, and understanding to the characters as you go. It’s well worth a watch, and won’t leave you feeling unsatisfied as you get to the end. (Looking at you, Game of Thrones, we’re all looking at you.)

For Kids:

Star v. The Forces of Evil
Where to Watch: Disney +, Hulu
Episode Count: 77

Princess Star Butterfly is an alien, more or less. Rather than being sent to a School for Wayward Princesses, she is sent to live and go to school on Earth. She quickly befriends her host family’s son, Marco. Tag along for a lot of tacos and bizarre magical shenanigans as Marco, Star, and their friends team up to save the universes from the forces of Evil, which are also much weirder than you think.

Okay, it sounds insane. It is. But it’s a great story about friendship, family, and growing up, that’s well worth a watch.  

Where to Watch: Netflix
Episode Count: 234

Originally made in Spanish, this show about a little boy named Pocoyo has been redubbed into English and lost none of its adorableness. Pocoyo, Loula the Dog, Pato the Duck and Elly the Elephant explore the world, and new ideas helped along the way by the Narrator, who at least for a few seasons, is voiced by Stephen Fry.

The best part? Seven minute episodes. So, your little one can watch just one more episode without absolutely sailing past bedtime.

Carmen Sandiego
Where to Watch: Netflix
Episode Count: 20

It’s about time! Netflix dusted off the Carmen Sandiego franchise and brought it back to our screens in 2019. Carmen & Crew work to save the world from the crime syndicate VILE. Simultaneously, ACME is working to stop a world class thief! But – of course, she is one step ahead of them all, and educational to boot as she travels the world.

For the Whole Family

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Where to Watch: NickHits
Episode Count: 64

If you saw the movie – first, I’m sorry – second, if it put you off, what better time than now to try again? Nickelodeon created Avatar: The Last Airbender a show that’s good for kids, but smart enough for the entire family to love. The world is rich, well developed, and chock full of fascinating magic, weird animals (polar bear dogs anybody? Yes please!), and mythos. The story is full of subtle lessons for kids about cooperation, sharing, friendship and more. But there’s plenty for adults to chew on, as the Gaang try and overthrow the fire nation – and win huge victories, face bitter losses, battle propaganda and more.

If the lure of a beautifully nuanced show hasn’t gotten you, maybe the lure of the giant monster koi fish will!

Star Wars: Rebels
Where to watch: Disney +
Episode Count: 71

The less buzzed-about entry in the Star Wars animated canon runs 4 seasons with new characters and places, as a team of rebels taking on the Empire in ever larger ways. Find out things you didn’t know you had questions about, like … just how do they transport those huge AT-ATs anyway, as well as expanded Jedi and Mandalorian lore.  The series ends just prior to Rogue One & A New Hope and will leave you wishing you had more. The good news is, there’s rumors about a sequel in development!

Bob’s Burgers
Where to Watch: Fox, Hulu
Episode Count: 189 and counting

If you really want to see what’s so great about Bob’s Burgers, you just have to watch it. A synopsis (A family of 5 run a burger joint somewhere off the beach in probably New Jersey) wouldn’t be able to convey the charm and hilarity that is this show. I could tell you the kids are quirky and fun, the parents are trying to stay afloat-  and it still just sounds like any other sitcom. But it really isn’t.

It’s weird, and funny, and often rather heartfelt. The parents and the kids all actually love each other (there’s no Shut up, Meg! to be found here!), and it feels good to watch.  Also, don’t forget the best part – the puns. Watch out for the ever-changing names on the Pest Control Van, the For Lease store next door, and Bob’s Burger of the Day.