What to Watch: Paramount +

Jun 8, 2022

What to Watch: Paramount+

When it comes to streaming, Paramount+ has a mountain of entertainment. (Yes, that is a Paramount+ pun, no apologies.) From groundbreaking originals to big movies and hit CBS shows, there is something for everyone’s taste. We’re here to break it down for you.

New Series, Movies & Live Sports:

Paramount  is awash in high-profile original originals, from exclusive, can't-find-them-anywhere-else series, to hit Paramount movies, to currently airing CBS shows. The most anticipated series is the adaptation of the wildly successful video game series Halo. The series stars Pablo Schreiber (The King’s Daughter) as a super soldier in the middle of a conflict between humanity and an alien threat known as the Covenant.  Fans of the hugely popular game series remain skeptical, but sometimes changes made to facilitate the jump from game to screen only make the story better.

Star Trek fans,  look no further: Paramount+ has EVERYTHING Star Trek from the original series to the newest addition to the franchise, Star Trek:Strange New Worlds follows the U.S.S. Enterprise under the leadership of Christopher Pike as they explore new worlds a decade before the original series, in a return to the more traditional mishap-of-the-week style story. That said, don’t miss  Star Trek: Lower Decks the animated stories of the lesser shipmen of the Federation fleet and the bizarre things that happen to them.

While Yellowstone is currently streaming on another platform, the Yellowstone origin story 1883  is available to stream. Sam Elliot (The Ranch) stars as Shea Brennan, an employee of the Pinkerton (Detective) Agency. The story shows how the Dutton family got their land and made the Yellowstone Ranch. Fans of the original series will enjoy the same drama and shenanigans that the original series offered.

Are you a fan of supernatural drama? Paramount Original Evil blurs the line between science and religion, diving into unexplained mysteries, demonic possessions, and hauntings. The series first aired on CBS, and all episodes are now streaming. 

CBS All Access was merged with Paramount+ and has all your favorite CBS shows like Seal Team, Survivor, and the entire NCIS franchise, which began in 2003 with the first series starring Mark Harmon (Freaky Friday).

Paramount+ is the only place you can find hit theatrical movies and original movies like Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Scream, and its latest new release The Lost City. The film stars Sandra Bullock (Bird Box) and Channing Tatum (Dog) and tells the story of Loretta Sage, an author of action-adventure romance novels who is kidnapped by a billionaire (Daniel Radcliffe) in search of a lost city filled with treasure. It’s Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Romancing the Stone. What more could you ask for? Brad Pitt? Well, lucky for you, he makes a special appearance as CIA agent and former Navy SEAL Jack Trainer! If you’re looking for a great new romantic comedy, then this one is for you.

 Plus, CBS Sports gives you access to all the Serie A live sports games, featuring ACF Fiorentina. It lays out the entire schedule, so you never have to miss another game! Other live sports include the NFL on CBS, EUFA Champions and Europa Leagues, and for Premium subscribers NCAA March Madness, PGA Golf and more. 

Older Content:

 Paramount+ has tons of your favorite classic television series including I Love Lucy, The Twilight Zone, Gunsmoke, and The Odd Couple.

If you’re looking for some of the best reality TV out there, then look no further than MTV . Enjoy all the craziness that Snooki and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast have to offer with all 6 seasons of the original series plus the reunion series Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. The MTV Hub also has beloved, yesteryear scripted content including Teen Wolf, awkward, and Daria. Teen Wolf tells the story of a boy who acquires superhuman abilities after being bitten by a werewolf. The series stars Tyler Hoechlin (Superman & Lois) and Tyler Posey (Now Apocalypse).

 Have kids at home? You’re in luck! There are so many family-friendly shows available to stream in the Nick hub. 90’s Nicktoons like Rugrats, The Fairly-Odd Parents, Cat-dog and  - aye! aye-aye, captain! - the one and only SpongeBob SquarePants. There are a ton of options to choose from the Nick vault including All That and Kenan and Kel, both of which adapted an SNL-type show for a younger audience, so you can go back now and watch Kenan Thompson hone those hilarious comedic chops.

 When it comes to classic films, Paramount+ has The Godfather trilogy to keep you entertained. All three films of Francis Ford Coppola’s masterful trilogy are available to stream. Follow the story of Michael Corleone and his family’s rise and fall in the Italian mafia. Marlon Brando’s masterful performance as Vito Corleone is enough to warrant a rewatch. Plus, you can watch The Offer a limited series about the making of The Godfather; it’s the total package.

Get to streaming! Paramount+ adds new epsiodes, series and movies  every week - don't miss out!