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Jan 7, 2020

There’s just so much on TV, am I right? You’re an entire season behind on Killing Eve, and probably two seasons behind on NCISVikings just started up again, and you missed the start of the new season of Survivor. You made sure to catch The Good Place as it came out, (Of course you did!!) and you’re caught up on This is Us, but the struggle to stay on top of your shows never seems to end.

It’s something we all struggle with, especially in a climate where programming seems to keep getting BETTER. There’s only so many hours in a week, and so many shows you can find the time to keep up with.

And the thing is... it’s not just tv shows. With the cost of movies and snacks for the entire family, you probably only ever hit the theaters for the most must-see of the must-see movies. This scenario, or something like it happens to us all:  you wanted to see Ad Astra, and you missed the last Jumanji movie (It’s so good. Trust me.) and there’s a new one coming out ..soon-ish? You don’t want to pay for the BluRay or the digital copy, but it’s not in the Redbox anymore.

Video on Demand, or VOD, is here to help.

Video On Demand Menu Screen

  • You Can Watch On Your Schedule - So, you haven’t gotten a TiVo yet, or maybe you just didn’t get a chance to set your TiVo to record. You’ve missed a few episodes of Supernatural, and it’s cold and rainy outside – which makes today the perfect time to catch up on Sam and Dean. Good news! You can do that.

  • There's a Lot of Catch-Up Opportunities - Many of your favorite shows have trailing episodes that you may have missed, and sometimes even entire seasons of shows, so you can catch that show everybody can’t believe you missed out on.

  • There Are No Late Fees - VOD isn’t just recent shows, it’s all your favorite new releases, as well as old favorites in the library. There are no late fees for a late return when you forget to stop at the Redbox on the way home, or forget it in the bottom of your bag for three days. Just a rental window and you can watch it once, or let your kids watch AGAIN immediately after it ends.

All you need to do is go to Channel 1. Channel 1 is your hub for all the amazing content that’s available on Video On Demand. There’s so much more than just recent tv episodes, and new releases. Check out holiday movie collections, curated music playlists and so much more, or just catch up so that next week when everybody at work is talking about what happened on Power, you won’t have to walk away in fear of spoilers.

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