5(ish) Pop Culture Holidays You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Dec 23, 2019

With the introduction of an influx of hashtag holidays and pop culture holidays to the existing calendar of actual holidays, it seems like we’re always celebrating something. Some of these are better than others – who doesn’t love #NationalDonutDay (FREE DONUTS!)!? But here are 5(ish) Pop Culture Holidays you don’t want to miss out on!

1.      Galentine’s Day – February 13th

Created by Leslie Knope, one of the lead characters on NBC’s Parks & Recreation, Galentine’s Day takes place each year on February 13th, as a day to celebrate your lady friends- ladies celebrating ladies. Celebrations often include thoughtful handmade gifts, and breakfast. Preferably with waffles, maybe frittatas.

2.      All the Geek Holidays are in May (Mostly)

While most people love an excuse to celebrate, geeks, somewhat unsurprisingly, have taken to celebrating pop culture holidays more than most. And largely as an excuse to do one of two things: marathon stuff, dress up, or both.

May The Fourth – Star Wars Day is a day to celebrate all things Star Wars. And in true geek fashion the Star Wars fans are split on which day it should be celebrated on – ‘May the Fourth’ or on ‘The Revenge of the Fifth’. But either way, May Fourth, or May Fifth – make some popcorn, and pull out those Star Wars DVDs, it’s time to return to a galaxy far far away.

Other notable geek holidays in May: May 2 the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts and May 25th which has so much going for it it’s often just called Geek Day: Towel Day, the Remembrance of the Glorious Revolution, the anniversary of the release of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (or as it was known on May 25, 1977: Star Wars).

3.      The Perfect Date – April 25th

Once upon a time… in a movie, a beauty contestant was asked to describe her perfect date, and in a moment that will go down in pop culture history replied, “I’d have to say April 25th, because it’s not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.” And a holiday was born. This April 25th, enjoy the Perfect Date in whatever way is perfect for you. Maybe take a walk with only a light jacket.

4.      Harry Potter’s Birthday – July 31st

Celebrate Harry’s birthday however you like. He’s turning 39 this year! Celebrate the Wizarding World however you like – cozy up and read all day, bake a cake replica of the cake Hagrid made for his eleventh birthday, watch your favorite Potter movies, wear your house colors, etc.

5.      Festivus – December 23rd

Possibly the ultimate pop culture holiday is Festivus – a non-commercialized winter holiday that was introduced to the world in the show Seinfeld. Celebrate with an iron Festivus pole in your home, declaring small things ‘miracles’, and the annual Airing of Grievances. The Costanza’s also celebrate with Feats of Strength which are apparently wrestling matches, but our legal team says we can’t encourage that.