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Mediacom Communications Connects Local Residents to Low-Cost, High-Speed Internet

Company closes broadband gaps by matching $30, high-speed Internet plan with new $30 federal credit

WEST DES MOINES, IA – July 13, 2022 — Mediacom Communications reported today that it now has more than 25,000 customers participating in a new federal program that enables low-income households to receive discounted or free broadband service. Included in the federal infrastructure bill, the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) provides a monthly credit of $30 to eligible participants. The ACP credit can be applied to any residential service Mediacom offers. 

In an effort to maximize the ACP benefit for qualifying households, Mediacom made a commitment to the Biden Administration to provide 100 Mbps download speeds to low-income Americans for just $30 per month. By matching this $30 high-speed internet plan called Mediacom Connect-2-Complete Plus (C2C+) with the monthly $30 ACP credit, eligible customers can receive their broadband service from Mediacom for free. 

“Reliable internet is no longer a nice-to-have -- it’s a must-have,” said Mediacom Group Vice President Steve Purcell. “Without affordable access, thousands of people are cut-off from a digital world that increasingly relies on the internet to learn, work, search for jobs and receive health care.”

Mediacom reported that as of July 8, it had more than 25,000 customers using the ACP benefit to receive free or low-cost high-speed internet service. The enrollment figure includes families and individuals across all states where Mediacom provides residential broadband service.

The Federal Communications Commission awards the monthly ACP credit to families with income at 200% of the federal poverty guideline or lower, and to those who qualify for other forms of government assistance. The broadband credit is limited to one per household. Customers who choose Mediacom’s C2C+ service receive lease-free modems and free installations.

Purcell explained that Mediacom is working to expand enrollment and is asking local human service and non-profit organizations to also share information about the free and low-cost broadband options.

“Our fiber-based broadband service is primarily available in non-urban communities and counties, including low-population areas where people may be isolated,” Purcell said. “We want to help residents stay connected to people and resources that contribute to their well-being.”

The ACP benefit is available to both new and existing Mediacom customers who qualify.  Households interested in participating in the ACP must confirm eligibility to enroll in the program. Information can be found online at or by calling: 855-330-6918 (toll-free). 

About Mediacom Communications

Mediacom Communications Corporation is the 5th largest cable operator in the United States and the leading gigabit broadband provider to smaller markets primarily in the Midwest and Southeast. Through its fiber-rich network, Mediacom provides high-speed data, video and phone services to over 1.4 million households and businesses across 22 states. The company delivers scalable broadband solutions to commercial and public-sector customers of all sizes through Mediacom Business, and sells advertising and production services under the OnMedia brand. More information about Mediacom is available at