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10G For Today, and Tomorrow

As new technology is introduced into our lives and the number of devices in our homes continues to grow, the 10G platform will have the speed and capacity needed to power it all.

Built for the 10G smart home.

10G provides the bandwidth needed to power innovative technologies that will transform how we live, work, learn, and play. And, Mediacom’s 10G Platform delivers the speed and capacity to power it all.

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Transforming the world of speed and reliability.

No matter how you use it, the 10G platform is built for the future, ready for new technologies to deploy, and will elevate your Internet experience for years to come.

Imagine the possibilities.

Our 10G platform will power it all.

A network for you.

The 10G platform is built on Mediacom’s fiber-powered network and provides you with direct connections to your favorite content providers like Netflix® and YouTube®.  Additionally, Mediacom is constantly monitoring the network to ensure a seamless, top-performing Internet connection.

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